Carburetor Rebuilding


Rebuilds, Mikuni, and S&S Carburetors only (Keihin Carburetor rebuilds on a case by case basis)

Keihin Carburetor, we use Made in USA James Gaskets Carb Kit ( rebuilds on a case by case basis)

Mikuni Carburetor, we use Factory Mikuni Kits

S&S Carburetors, we use Factory S&S Kits

No estimates via email or telephone. We can’t tell you over phone or by email if your carb needs to be rebuilt. 

What we do when we re-build a carburetor

  • Total disassembly of the carburetor
  • Complete & thorough inner & outer cleaning the carburetor body & all parts
  • Provide correct, quality aftermarket or OEM rebuild parts as a kit or purchased individually from manufacture
  • Performing repairs such as milling carburetor bowls or bodies & float repairs we have an additional charge of .25 hour labor. (Labor rate is $90.00 per hour) or ($22.50 per 1/4 hour)
  • Bench test the carburetor for leaks
  • Prices shown are with the carburetor "off the bike"
  • On the bike add .5 to 1 hour to remove & reinstall
  • Pricing is for mechanical rebuilding only. Cosmetic work is extra.

Our hourly labor rate is $90.00 

  • 1 carb = 1.7 hours - $155.00 + parts
  • 2 carbs = 2.5 hours - $225.00 + parts
  • 3 carbs = 3.5 hours - $315.00 + parts
  • 4 carbs = 4.5 hours -$ 405.00 + parts

We do NOT use parts provided by the customer


  • Carburetor kits = $40 and up.
  • Floats - $20.00 and up
  • Main or Pilot jets $12.00
  • Needle - $20.00 & up
  • Carburetor seals and boots - $25.00 and up

Tampering, prior use of incorrect or non-standard parts or unprofessional repair work requiring additional servicing will increase stated labor hours. ( This means if you fucked it up you will pay more).

Carburetors with damage to bowls or bodies (warping) may not be able to be rebuilt. Same goes for excessive dirt and clogged passages.

Certain carb rebuild work will REQUIRE the entire bike to be in our shop. To do bench test synchronizing on carburetors with vacuum slides we will need the bike in the shop. The motorcycle repair shop is located at 1230 N. US Highway 1 Suite 14 Ormond Beach, FL 32174. Phone 386-281-3080

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