Shovelhead Engine Rebuild Daytona Beach

Shovelhead rebuild, repair and performance in Ormond Beach FL.  While our customer Dan was off serving our country we were having a Shovehead revival and getting his bike ready for his return. This kind of job is always a blast; it’s really cool to be able to do something for guys like Dan that give so much up for the USA. While Jerry was spending hours cleaning and rebuilding this Shovelhead engine I was keeping Dan posted on the progress of his engine job with pictures via Facebook & email. Jerry completely dissembled the engine and transmission. Then all the components were CLEANED and re-cleaned, inspected, replaced when needed, machined & line honed, with all new valves, valve seats, valve guides & valve springs. The Heads and Block were decked, the breather machined to over sized, with new pinion shaft, pinion race, pinion gear and cam gear. S&S Cycle oil pump, modified cases for late model oiling, lifter blocks honed for Jim’s oversize hydraulic lifters. Then Jerry put in new push rods, bushings and cam cover. The rockerarms were rebuilt, new bushings and refaced rocker face. Polished rocker shafts, rockerbox covers, and cam cover and all new fasteners. So, now with a totally restored engine this bike can be enjoyed for another 35 years. If you have a Harley project or thinking about rebuilding your engine come talk to Jerry, great advise and tips for rebuilding. He will let you know what parts work best and what not to use. Good luck getting that kind of help from a cheap online parts store. Buying parts for your project at Jackman's comes with a lot of extras and those extras can save you lots of money.

Dans Shovel primary side.JPG

Diamond in the Rough 1.JPG

Checking rod alignment.JPG

Engine in frame.JPG

engine almost assembled.JPG

Rolling chassis((=.JPG

Transmission, complete.JPG

Installing right case torqueing bolts.JPG

Pretty polished rockerbox covers.JPG

Transmission assembly.JPG

Flywheel pressed into left side case.JPG

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