Harley performance & service questions

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What does motorcycle service cost?

Basic Motorcycle Service with regular oil is about $199.36 for Dresser & $187.75 on other models,

Your motorcycle is a high performance machine; we recommend a basic service be done every 2,000 to 3,000 miles. A basic service is the 2,500 & 5,000 mile scheduled maintenance. We also recommend once a year flushing and bleeding brake system, fork oil service, & cleaning pistons on calipers for a better brake feel & all around ride. Our fluids and filters meet or exceed OEM requirements; we replace O-rings on drain plugs, & replace inspection and derby cover gaskets on all services. Please remember to support your local shop, even if you do your own service, purchasing your oils, filters, gaskets, & other parts helps to keep the small dealers in business. Thanks for your support!

Click Here to see what is included in our motorcycle service

What’s the cheapest tire for my Harley Davidson?

Think about this! You are on two wheels, do you really want the cheapest tire. A tire failure can have serious consequences.

What size tires fit my Harley Davidson?

For many people the numbers and letters on the side of their tire don’t mean much. This will help you decipher the codes on the side of your motorcycle tire. Please don’t forget to check what brand tire you currently have, we like to match tires having tires from different manufactures does not make for a great ride 

What is my tire size?

A= Tire Width

B= Aspect Ratio – The smaller the number the lower the profile.

C= Rim Diameter

D= Load Capacity (Weight tire will carry safely)

E= Speed rating

F= Let’s you know if you need a tube or not

Where can I have my Harley Davidson Motorcycle Serviced?

You may have your motorcycle serviced at any motorcycle shop that meets or exceeds the Harley service requirements. Motorcycle Service Schedule

How often should I have my motorcycle serviced?

Your motorcycle is a high performance machine, we recommend a basic service be done every 2,000 to 3,000 miles and once a year on ala cart services. Service Schedule

Where can I find a maintenance schedule for my motorcycle?

Click here for maintenance schedule.

What is the best tuner for my Harley Davidson?

The tuner that is best for your bike depends on your riding style, what exhaust, air cleaner & and few other things. The best thing to do is come in and talk to Jerry about your performance needs. Schedule Appointment


When should I have my cam chain tensioners checked?

Cam tensioners can wear out without warning and this can be catastrophic to your engine. You might see changes in your engines timing or your bike just might not be running as it should. It will make a noise but most people don’t hear it until it’s too late. We’ve seen cam chain tensioners fail at 6,000 miles and at 50,000 miles. If you haven’t had a problem and you’re at 20,000-25,000 miles have them inspected. 

What oil should I run in my primary?

You should run Primary Fluid in your primary. The 'Dealer' recommends Syn 3 but, clutch manufacturers recommend primary fluid.

What transmission fluid should I run in my Harley?

Transmission fluid should be run in your transmission. Harley now has  a letter C designation for 6 speed transmissions parts because so many are failing, interesting. A good transmission fluid has better cling factor & will stick to the gears.

What weight oil should I use in my bike for Florida summer?

The best weight oil for Florida summer is 50 weight. Heat breaks down lubricants.

When do I replace the tires on my Harley Davidson & how do I know if I should replace my tires?

Florida is hard on motorcycle tires, heat, changing air pressure from the heat and not checking air pressure all factor in. Do they feel really hard, are they cracked, brittle looking or do they have flat/worn spots? If you answered Yes, to any of those questions, it's time to at least have them checked.

My bike is not handling well. My front tire is wearing out, what can be the cause?

The first place to start is a Fork Service, fork oil is the most neglected fluid in your bike. We recommend a fork service every 10,000 miles if you have 41mm or 39mm front forks. Newer models with 48mm forks, Harley recommends a rebuild at 40,000.