Kraft Tech Frames Don't hardtail your Harley Frame

Kraft Tech Inc. is dedicated to creating the highest quality aftermarket parts in the USA by combining
state-of-the-art equipment, the best materials and up-to-date management techniques with time-honored traditions of quality workmanship and attention to your needs. The Kraft Tech Inc product line, includes Frames, Gas Tanks, Oil Tanks, Forward Controls, Fenders, Struts, Exhaust, Kickstands, Handlebars and other chrome plated parts.

Kraft tech Frames

Now, we can’t put the entire line of Kraft Tech products on our website. Jerry has picked out some of his favorite frames for you to check out. For the full line of KraftTech Inc visit , let us know what you want and we’ll set you up, Jerry has done a lot of these and can give you the best recommendation for the best ride and price.


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