Motorcycle Maintenance Schedule for Harley Davidson Motorcycles Ormond Beach FL

Your motorcycle is a high performance machine; we recommend a basic service be done every 2,000 to 3,000 miles. A basic service is the 2,500 & 5,000 mile scheduled maintenance. We also recommend once a year flushing and bleeding brake system, fork oil service, & cleaning pistons on calipers for a better brake feel & all around ride. Our fluids and filters meet or exceed OEM requirements; we replace O-rings on drain plugs, & replace inspection and derby cover gaskets on all services. Please remember to support your local shop, even if you do your own service, purchasing your oils, filters, gaskets, & other parts helps to keep the small dealers in business. Thanks for your support!  

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We stock Dunlop and Metzeler for most Harley Davidson Models

Buy your tires from us and bring your wheel, we will mount & balance for FREE! (Dismount from motorcycle is not included)

(If you have purchased tires somewhere else, we will not put them on the bike. Call we might mount them on a dismounted wheel for a fee.)

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Motorcycle Battery

We stock Deka Batteries and Battery Tenders. Purchase a Battery Tender with a battery and we will install the leads for FREE.

Battery test & charge or Replacement cost $45.00. (Does not include new battery or other parts)

Brake Services

Brake Fluid Service

It is recommend to have a yearly flushing and bleeding brake of your brake system with .4 brake fluid on 2006 to present Harley Davidson Motorcycles.

One of the properties of .4 brake fluid is to absorb moisture. The fluid absorbs moisture then becomes corrosive. That is why the paint is peeling on the top of your master cylinder.

.5 Brake fluid is for pre 2006 Harley Davidson motorcycles. The brake fluid breaks down due to the heating and cooling of the brake fluid, temperatures can be in excess of 200 0degrees. Although it’s not corrosive it does collect sediment that collects in the bottom of your master cylinder and calipers which is abrasive and that will give you poor brake feel.

Brake Caliper Service

Disassemble brake calipers, clean pistons to improve brake pedal feel and all around ride. You may notice that your brake pedal and brake handle are too close to your grip or your brakes feel spongy. Motorcycle brakes not working or have poor performance.

Fork Service

Fork oil is the most neglected fluid in your bike. Harley’s old recommendation was to change every 10K miles, they now says to change every 40K. What’s changed? Nothing, nothing has really changed in the Harley Davidson fork system. When we change at 40K the fluid is contaminated and black and wears the internal fork components.

We disassemble and drain fork tubes, clean and refill forks with heavy duty fork oil. Average price $90.00 + fork oil.


Looking for more power, a new exhaust system is a good place to start.

For added performance you may want to add an Air Cleaner and a tuner.

We have packages available to do this all at once or in stages as the pay check allows.

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Slipping, burning or hard to pull, it might be time for a new clutch or maybe it’s just out of adjustment. (Missing gears- learn to ride)

Stop in for a diagnostic $45.00 or we will check it at no charge when you have your regular scheduled service.


Hearing a weird noise on your Harley, seeing a little leak or your motorcycle just doesn’t seem right.

Call for a diagnostics appointment (386-281-3080)

Prices vary.

LED Lights

LED Headlight, passing lamps, taillight and fender tip for Harley

LED replacement bulbs offer most of the benefits of more expensive LED Bulb & Lens Replacement kits at a fraction of the cost. (Click here for photos and more information.)