Sixties Style One Kick Panhead

Sixties Style Panhead

One Kick Panhead.JPG

Our buddy Glen is the original owner of this 1964 Panhead, now a Sixties Style Panhead and wanted to bring it back, using all of his original parts or as many as he could. This has been a long term project that started with Glen dropping off the engine and transmission for Jerry to rebuild, because as people around here know if you want your engine to run, and be balanced and blueprinted, you have Jerry do it.

Glen before 1 001 - Copy.jpg

The engine case was cracked so; we replaced it with a new one from S&S, installed Andrews Cams, all new bushings, S&S Cam Cover, Jim’s Lifters, Ported and Polished the heads, WiseCo Pistons, S&S Oil Pump, E Carburetor, & electronic Ignition. As soon as Jerry finished the engine and transmission, Glen brought in the rest of his bike, in boxes. Gotta love a build like this! We stripped the frame and sheet metal, modified the sissy bar. Modernized the bike with a rear disc brake controlled from the handlebar master cylinder. We re-used the super narrow glide triple trees by Custom Cycle Engineering with 8 over tubes and modern style lower legs with the tabs removed to stay with the style. We installed a BDL Beltddrive in Glen’s original Paughco Tin Primary with chrome Colony screws.

Glen with his Panhead Engine.JPG

Jerry wiring.JPG

After mocking up the bike, we sent everything out for chrome, paint and powder coating. When it all came back Jerry re-assembled the “G-Spot” (that’s what we’re calling it) and topped it off with the original king and queen seat Glen’s brother made for him back in the old days.

Panhead mock up.JPG

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