Keep your motorcycle running like the Performance Machine it was intended to be

We love Panheads, Shovelheads, Ironheads, EVO’s, Twin Cams, I could go on but, you get the picture. 

When a classic Panhead arrives in the shop that is pretty much un-touched and well maintained, it’s exciting; it gives you that little rush! This 1948 Panhead is the first year of the Panhead and if you’re reading this you know it’s special.  This bike sat for about 5 years and the owner had said the transmission was noisy last time he rode it, Jerry rebuilt the 4 speed transmission, replaced the bearings, gears and set the clearances. We cleaned the oil tank because we take pride in what we do, and we do it the right way. We cleaned up the whole bike actually and if you’re going to put your hands all over it, make it worthwhile.  Jerry replaced the oil lines and rebuilt the carburetor. We cleaned the fuel tanks and rebuilt the fuel tank shut off valve. We replaced the tires with round ones (not kidding), lubed and changed fluids, set timing and points, and adjusted the valves. Three kicks later this Panhead was purring like it just came off the line.  So the key to longevity is maintenance! Take care of your bike and it might last a life time maybe longer.

Your motorcycle is a performance machine and requires regular maintenance in addition to oil changes to ensure reliability, maximum performance and safety. Most Harley Davidson models shared major service intervals, the owner’s manual advise that the 5,000 and 10,000-mile maintenance; the primary fluid and transmission fluid be changed, fasteners, switches, engine idle speed, and fork bearings be inspected/adjusted along with a bunch of other things. A few extras are on the 10K service, the owner’s manual says to repack wheel bearings and change the fork oil. Check out the whole list Click Here

We know many people like to service their own bike and save some cash, we are all for that and have service kits available that include all you need for a basic at home maintenance. Remember it is a really good idea to have a professional go over your bike at least once a year, it will save you some of that green stuff and you won’t get hit with a bunch of big ticket items at the same time.

Just think, what if that major repair could have been avoided? You have a competent mechanic, because you come to Jackman’s and Jerry advised you to have your cam chain tensioners checked at 10K miles, or we let you know, that even though you’re using Synthetic oil you still need to have it changed every 2,500-3,000 miles because it holds up to heat better but, what about the debris that wear on the gears and moving parts in that street pounding freedom machine. Listen to your mechanic, do the maintenance that should to be done and you and you bike can have a long happy life together.