Keep your motorcycle running like the Performance Machine it was intended to be

Why does the technician always have a list of other things that need to be done to my bike when I get an oil change?

(For all of you that can’t get through the paragraphs I worked so hard on, see the bullet points below)

Your motorcycle is a performance machine and requires regular maintenance in addition to oil changes to ensure reliability, maximum performance and safety. Most Harley Davidson models shared major service intervals, the owner’s manual advise, at 5,000 mile and the 10,000-mile services that the primary fluid and transmission fluid be changed, fasteners, switches, engine idle speed, and fork bearings be inspected/adjusted along with a bunch of other things. A few extras are on the 10K service, the owner’s manual says to repack wheel bearings and change the fork oil., Harley’s old recommendation for a fork service on 39mm and 41mm front forks was every 10,000 miles. This is interesting because nothing has really changed on Harley Davidson’s fork system except newer models have 48mm front forks and HD recommends a rebuild at 40K or 50K.

Fork fluid is the most neglected fluid on your bike. When we service forks for the first time on a bike we usually find the fork fluid to be black and contaminated. This wears the internal fork components.

The reason the big service ticket items now have an extended life is to lower the ‘Total Cost of Ownership’ suddenly your bike doesn’t cost as much to maintain. Spark plugs last longer, cam chain tensioners last forever, engine oil can be changed less often because you’re using Synthetic. Not true, you! The manufacturer just wants your ‘cost of ownership’ to look like it’s less than is is and when your bike fails or needs a major repair just after your warranty runs out, you look at the cost of the repair and buy a new bike.

Just think, what if that major repair could have been avoided? You have a competent mechanic because you come to Jackman’s and he advised you to have your cam chain tensioners checked at 10K miles or we let you know, that even though you’re using Synthetic oil you still need to have it changed every 2,500-3,000 miles because it holds up to heat better but, what about the debris that wear on the gears and moving parts in that street pounding freedom machine. Listen to your mechanic, do the services that should to be done and you and you bike can have a long happy life together.