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The Ormond Beach Shovelhead Shop. Jerry started working on Shovelheads in the 70's, and has degrees from OSU in mechanics & machine shop, we have the parts, tools, equipment & knowledge to diagnose,repair or rebuild your Shovelhead. So, if you're looking for an expert Shovelhead mechanic near Daytona Beach, you have found the right shop.  If you bought it, built it or broke it we can fix it.

Shovelhead Service KitsShovelhead Service Kits 

Shovelhead Service Kit  66-79                     Shovelhead Service Kit 80-84

2050 Engine oil – 3                                           2050 Engine Oil - 3

Transmission Fluid – 1                                    Transmission Fluid - 1

Spark Plugs – 2                                                  Spark Plugs -2

Oil Filter HF178  - 1                                           Oil Filter 140172 - 1

                                                              1984 with wet primary add Primary Fluid – 1

Shovelhead, Valve Train Diagnostic & Service   (Schedule Service)

Hearing something in or around your rocker box covers or cam chest? Noise coming from your valve covers or cam chest may indicate a bad cam bearing, lifters, bent push rod plus many other things. Best solution would be to schedule a diagnostic appointment with Jerry. Prices starting at $45.00

Shovelhead, Ignition, Timing Diagnostic & Service   (Schedule Service)

You may notice your bike is not starting as it should, you’re noticing a decrease in power or a miss in the engine.

A few things it might be are a bad coil, points, condenser or some other electrical issue. It may be something as easy as checking and setting the timing.

Shovelhead, Fuel System, Diagnostic & Service   (Schedule Service)

Having trouble starting your Shovelhead or it’s hard to start, is it stalling out, the carburetor or petcock is leaking.

Jerry will analyze a fuel sample, examine the fuel flow, check for clogged passages, check carb operation, gaskets & seals.

Shovelhead, Electrical Diagnostics & Service   (Schedule Service)

Your Shovelhead won’t start; battery won’t hold a charge, lights not working right or a loud crack with flames shooting from your exhaust.

Jerry will check the battery and cables, charging system for electrical output, check starter relays & solenoids. The most cost and time effective solution is to have Jerry take a look. He knows the usual Shovelhead issues and can always repair the hard ones.

Shovelhead, Clutch Diagnostics & Clutch Adjustment   (Schedule Service)

Slipping, burning or hard to pull, it might be time for a new clutch or maybe it’s just out of adjustment.

We will check it at no charge when you have your regular scheduled service.

Shovelhead Carburetor Diagnostics & Repair  (Schedule Service)

 Is the carburetor on your Shovelhead leaking, popping through the exhaust or air cleaner. Do you notice your bike doesn’t idle correctly or has poor acceleration? We find incorrect jets in most carbs. Your carburetor may need to be adjusted or d re-jetted, could need overhaul, replace intake seals and new jets.  Schedule an appointment now.

Shovelhead Transmission (Schedule Service)

Hearing noise in your Shovelhead transmission is it leaking, not staying in gear or are you having trouble finding neutral.

Shovelhead Engine Rebuild   (Schedule Service)

Jerry balances and blueprints each engine he does.  He will disassemble your engine, clean and inspect all components. Jerry will then talk to you and let you know what can be reused or what need to be replaced.  Bore and hone cylinders, line hone pinion bearing, overhaul flywheels and rods, valve job, set spring height, replace oil pump, modify oiling system, replace lifters,( push rods& cam shafts  if needed) bearing and seals, replace pistons and set ring gap, check square (make sure surfaces are flat ie head, block, cylinders) of all components , (block, head & cylinders) set end play, replace fasteners n(head bolts, rocker cover bolts, case bolts, clamps etc… for proper torque. Before final assembly everything is cleaned again and all oil passages are cleaned.

To ship your engine contact us and we can send a crate, or we can give you contacts to ship your bike. 


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