Custom Bobber

The Bitch




The beginning   

96ci engine

Owner: Melanie Jackman
City: Ormond Beach, FL

Designer: Jerry Jackman
Fabrication: Jerry Jackman
Make: Jackman Custom
Model: “The Bitch”
Assembly: Jackman’s

Year/Make: S&S Re-built, Balanced and Blue Printed by Jerry
Displacement: 96 cubic inch
Ignition: Crane Hi-4
Cams: S&S Cycle Special Grind
Carb: Mikuni HSR 42
Air Cleaner: Modified Mikuni
Exhaust: Modified RSD Tracker

Custom seat

Make: Rebuilt Harley Davidson
Shifting: 5 speed

Year/Make: 2012 Daytec
Type: Rigid
Stretch: 0
Rake: 34
Shocks: What Shocks!

Paint: Totally Sick 60’s Chicano Style
Painter: Travis Hess “Tuki”

From the back

Handlebars: Khrome Werks
Handlebar Controls: Performance Machine
Mirrors: Todd’s Cycle
Fenders: West Coast Choppers
Forward Controls: Performance Machine
Headlight: HD
Taillight/Tag Bracket: Custom LED Bullet
Seat: By Mauricio
Speedo: None
Tanks: 2 Gallon Custom fabricated
Dash: None
Pegs: Factory Harley Davidson

Exhause side

Type: Stock HD Narrow Glide

WHEELS; Black powder coated with stainless spokes
Front: HD 2.15x21
Rear: 200
Brakes: Performance Machine Modified for spoke wheels
Tires: Metezler

This bike started out as an FL for Melanie but he wasn’t feeling it, and she didn’t like it. The entire bike is made from recycled parts. Got the engine from a guy that didn’t know how to maintain a motorcycle but, Jerry knows how to rebuild them so why not. We did have to purchase a new case from S&S Cycle because it had been overheated so bad the case annealed Jerry said it wouldn't even hold a Heli Coil so, that you S&S for the case. The transmission HD 5 speed, rebuilt to better than new. The PM brakes and controls were completely disassembled, modified, anodized black, then rebuilt. The tank was made out of the leftovers of 3 other tanks.. Jerry  fabricated all the pieces it to make the “little tea pot” gas tank. With a 2 gallon tank and the engine upgrades it needs fuel every 50 miles. Mel brought the sheet metal to Travis 'Tuki"  and told him she wanted a 60/70’s low rider style with red and lots of flake and no yellow, orange or gold leaf. He painted it like he wanted and she loves it. The paint job catches the eye and draws you over to check out the rest of the bike. Like the paint, the attention to detail and craftsmanship that went into this bike will not disappoint. She was even pretty cool when she saw the Bitch seat, designed by Chris Butt and tooled by Mauricio. The bike handles like a dream, and at 400-450 pounds with the 96 cubic inch engine built and blue printed by Jerry,.